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Spring Hockey

Ice hockey doesn't have to end yet!  There are several options for spring hockey which Riverbank families have participated in. Often Riverbank players get a substantial discount.

The table below summarizes some of the key features of the programs. Please go to the website for each program for further information.

Please Note: 

  • Ice House is the only option which allows Riverbank to play together as a team, and they only offer Peewee and below, no Bantam/Midgets. 
  • All venues allow players to sign up individually, but some have tryout dates in March, so this is a decision that needs to be made soon! If we are at an away tournament during the evaluations, we'll work that out with the league - don't make decisions based on your ability to attend evaluations. Please visit each site's web page for more details

Spring Hockey Options

Chelsea Piers Ice House (Hackensack NJ) City Ice Pavilion (LIC)
Age levels Preppers, Mites+Squirts, JV (Peewees + 1yr Bantams), Varsity (2yr Bantams + Midgets) Prep/Mites(Cross & Full Ice), Squirts, PeeWees. [NO BANTAMS/MIDGETS] Prep/Mites, Squirts, PeeWees, Bantams, u16 Midgets
Activities Preppers/Young Mites: Mon or Wed practice, Sat AM games.
League: Weekend Practice & Sunday Games, see website for times
9 games + playoffs: weekday practice, weekend games Practice/Scrimmages/Maybe some games, 1-2 days per week
When Player eval: March 11, season April 7-June 10 + playoffs Player eval: March 18, season March 25-June 14 March 17 for 11 weeks
Other notes This is a house league. Teams cannot sign up. Players are assigned to house teams based on tryouts. Divisions are capped so first-come-first-served Team can play together, or individuals can sign up for house teams Not a league, just an opportunity to get on the ice
Cost $350/player (this is a significant discount) Team $3950. Individuals: Skater $295, Goalie $50 See link for options. Riverbank gets 45% discount
Website for more info Mites-Midgets (league): Link
Preppers/Young Mites: Link
Link Link